Something for Robin

Hello darling,


One day,

As I peered through the glass,

I came upon a trinket,

a lovely old watch ****fob,

a locket made of silver.

It seemed strangely familiar.

It reminded me of me.

it reminded me of you.

I simply couldn't resist.

So here you go.


And as time goes on

And memories, cool as spring

invade both our lives,

demanding questions

of all that we have around us,

of all that we call our dreams.

And it becomes even more difficult

as the loved ones, no longer there,

are nevertheless the deities

that all must measure to.

Not an easy task.

So here's to us my darling,

who share this romantic curse.

Although sometimes it does little to keep us warm at night,

I couldn't think of any other person in the world

I'd rather share it with.


So enjoy your gift my lovely friend,

enjoy your holiday.

And always remember

when it comes to you.

I simply could never resist.


Love, Kev.



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