Only a Glimpse of You

Listening to Crosby's Christmas song

Envisioning worlds where we belong


Of Christmas trees

and sparkling things.

Of lips that kiss so perfectly.


A fireplace

A smiling face

Of my arms wrapped around your waist.

Of all the gifts I long to send.

Of pillows shared

when we pretend.


Of Saturday mornings

cartoons on

a child's kiss

a birthday song.


Of wonderlands

and moonlit sands

of time that won't slip through our hands


Enamored passions

under fire

and all your love

that I desire.


To wind swept sky's

and alibis

And all the shadows where we hide.


Of darker times

On clouded days

When if our love should fade away.


Just take these words

and hold them dear

and soon my kisses will be near.


And as time

saunters by

like a winter's moon

You'll always know my love was true.






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