So by surprise is a man's desire discovered, and once discovered, the only need is surrender, to take what comes and ask no questions about it.  Tennessee Williams


Eric as the rarest of seeds blow from dried petals of the finest flowers, you have flown through time on a gust, from the wind of the word, only to land safely by my side as my truest and most cherished friend.


We have pursued our passions as warriors pursue their spoils. We took no prisoners, but invited all to join along. All that was ever asked for was a desire to participate in whatever was. Be it life, knowledge, love, kindness, madness. Only a flip of the cards or a glance at the stars could tell what the night could bring, but with the pedal to the metal we flew non-stop taking on all comers fueled by the nitro of life and a one-way ticket to the eternity. A desire to be alive is the only invitation we will ever need. And every time we put out a new issue or write a new sentence or meet some old beat in some poet-infested, San Franciscan coffee dive, my spirit is renewed. So on this thirtieth birthday of yours my friend, you take a deep breath and relax 'cause baby you are one super fucken success.


And so tonight you best be easy with yourself

Perhaps take a trip to the moon

or maybe sail across the sky with your darling Katy by your side

or relish in the fact that you know how and where and why.


Because come tomorrow, be ready, 'cause we've lots to do.


I love you man

Happy Birthday






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