For Kevin

Volume Editor's Note

The Moment of Kevin B.:  The Collected Poems of Kevin Bartnof

"This book contains the poetry of the late Kevin Bartnof. The body of work represents the poet's journey, his work, loves and passions. This book was compiled and printed, with much love and affection by his family and friends.

"The form of each poem was preserved. No changes were made to grammar or sentence structure, but misspellings were corrected. Many poems were previously published in small press journals, including The Moment and Dribble Rag. Others were taken from Kevin's notes and journals, and some may not be completed works."

—Eric Lyden, April 2001

Web Editor's Note

Kevin Bartnof wrote prose and poems throughout his life. Shortly after he passed away in June 2001, Eric Lyden, Kevin's long-time friend and collaborator on The Moment magazine, gathered Kevin's papers and published a book of selected writings, The Moment of Kevin B.: The Collected Poems of Kevin Bartnof. In honoring Kevin's memory, Eric's thoughtful effort was also a gift to Kevin's friends. Eric credited the compilation as a tribute by his many friends and family, but it was solely Eric's doing. Eric deserves our deepest appreciation for honoring Kevin with this volume and for enhancing the personal and shared recollections each of us have of him, so that we might recall the cadence of Kevin's voice and the expression of his perceptions, feelings, observations, and experiences in his own the words.

—Lisbet, April 18, 2009

The poems by Kevin Bartnof are republished in this web site by permission of Eric Lyden, the original editor, and Ruth Bartnof. Copyright © 2001-2009



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