Not a Good Week for Tough Guys

Not a good week for able bodied men

to strike Kouros poses,

void of granite, void of will.

Not a good week for the pretense of rebel.

Rolled white sleeved missionary boys

spreading the gospel of self reliance

and freedom of spirit.


Not a good week for self indulged lovers

concocting adolescent fantasies

full of candy store kisses

with milkshake dreams

dripping of passion

with cherries rotting on top.


It was not a good week

to look for kindness from friends

too tongue tied

to reason through junglefied mean streets.

They remain forever loyal,

an army of trash cans

no longer able to serve purpose,

tarnished soldiers,

crucified without honor,

broken down and guttered

but too dumb to read their own tombstones.


No it was not a good week

for independent thinking,


Too slick for even the booze to stick.

Creatures of habit locked inside cardboard cages.

Serial boxed smiles

plastered on short hair'd literary boy's.

Efficiency clicks

like a trained dog's trick.

But you know he'd rather be humping your leg.


Not a good week for Sky Caps

'cause they never leave ground.





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